Deluxe Platemaking Kit

Deluxe Platemaking Kit


This kit has everything you need (excluding clay) to make and decorate round OR oval plates and dishes. You also get to choose 3 slip colours you like from the chart and glaze your dishes with the brush on glossy transparent glaze.

Kit comprises of:

1 x 24cm x 19cm rustic oval mould OR 22cm round plate mould
1 x 18cm x 12 cm rustic oval mould OR 17cm round mould
1 x 13cm x 8 cm rustic oval mould OR 11cm round mould
1 x 30cm x 30cm foam pad
6 x thickness gauge sticks 2 x 5mm, 2 x 7mm, 2 x 9mm
1 x rolling pin
1 x 14 piece pottery tool kit
3 x soft 1” Hake brushes
3 x 120ml slip colours of your choice
1 x 120ml mid temp transparent glaze 1100 – 1160
1 x super cool JSC tote bag

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Weight 3500 g